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061 334023 | info@downsyndromelimerick.ie

Chairperson’s Charity Impact Statement

Down Syndrome Limerick is a community of like minded people whose primary focus is to build better lives and create better futures for our family members with Down Syndrome.

While this is a charity, it is very much family centred and family led. It is through the commitment and dedication of our families and ongoing fundraising that we are able to provide early intervention services including Speech & Language, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, Learn to cycle and Swim programmes, Youth focused groups for our teenagers, Education and Life skills programmes for our adults and ongoing therapies for all age groups.

There is a key focus within all our groups on social functioning, emotional wellbeing and developing friendships. Parents and family members equally benefit from training events, social gatherings and peer support.
People often comment on how much we do for our family members with Down Syndrome, the way I see it is, look at what our family members have done for us.

We all have a story to tell about our family member with Down Syndrome,

Cherish your story ….. Own your story….. Tell your story……

In Down Syndrome Limerick we want to create a world where our family members with Down Syndrome can participate, develop, thrive and impact the world in which we live……

What better reason than this.

Michelle CoughlanChairperson
Michelle Coughlan