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061 334023 | info@downsyndromelimerick.ie


Down Syndrome

What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a common congenital chromosomal variance and occurs when there is one extra copy of chromosome 21 in the body. Down syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21.

The extra chromosome can affect the physical and intellectual development of the child but each person is different. Children with Down syndrome will vary in their abilities, just like every other child.  Some children can take longer to walk and talk.  Down Syndrome Limerick are here to support people with Down syndrome in reaching their full potential.

In Ireland, approximately 1 in every 550 babies born with have Down syndrome. Babies born with Down syndrome have an increased risk of having other medical conditions such as congenital heart disease, issues with the gut or vision, hearing, thyroid and respiratory problems.

Funding and Donations

Claiming tax on donations

Do you know that donations to charity are eligible for tax relief under the Charitable Donation Scheme?

For Individuals:

If an individual donates €250 or more in a year to our charity, we can claim a refund of tax paid on that donation.  The donation doesn’t have to be made as one payment but can be the sum of many donations made over the course of the year.  This doesn’t cost you anything but does require you to fill out a form and return to us. There is a 4 year limit to making a claim.

To fill out the form for a one-off tax claim download the Enduring Certificate – CHY3 Cert

To fill out the form so that it can be used annually, download and complete the Annual Certificate – CHY4 Cert

For Companies:

If a company donates €250 or more in a year, the company can claim a tax deduction as if the donation was a trading expense.

Where does my donation go?

Your donations go towards the running of the charity.  The majority of our donations are spent on delivering therapies like Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy to our members.  We also spend money on delivering courses and training and information sessions to parents, teachers and SNAs, running classes, youth club and our Adult Education Programme.

Occasionally we run a fundraiser for a specific purpose – for example to buy new equipment or resources or to run a project or programme like our School Readiness Programme.

Currently we employ a Speech and Language Therapist and two part-time administrators in the charity. We also have costs associated with annual accounting as well as the daily running costs associated with the building, like phone, heat and electricity.

All money required by Down Syndrome Limerick must be raised through fundraising as we receive no government funding. 

What funding does DSL receive?

Down Syndrome Limerick receives no government funding.  We apply, on occasion, for grants as they arise and if they are applicable to the services and projects that we are running or planning to run at the time that the grant or funding is available.  It is difficult to secure funding through grant applications, however, so it is only a small proportion of the income that we have.  The majority of our income comes from donations and fundraising.


Is DSL compliant with the Charities Governance Code?

Down Syndrome Limerick is one of 25 branches under Down Syndrome Ireland.  Down Syndrome Ireland oversee the financial management and accounts of Down Syndrome Limerick and it publishes its and all the branches’ financial accounts annually. They are prepared in accordance with the most up to date accounting standards, FRS 102 (2015) and with UK and Irish GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) (2014).

Down Syndrome Ireland also comply with the requirements set down by the Charities Regulatory Authority, the Governance Code of Good Practice for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Organisations and the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising created by the organisation Irish Charities Tax Reform, ICTR. Down Syndrome Limerick also have a review process in place to ensure that they are adhering to the Charities Governance Code at a local level also.

Who manages DSL?

Down Syndrome Limerick is managed, on a voluntary basis, by a committee made up of parents of a child or adult with Down Syndrome. The committee meet monthly and make all management and financial decisions for the continued and sustainable operation of the charity and to ensure that it meets its objective in supporting people with Down Syndrome and their families.