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Taprooms, Taverns & Alehouses: Limerick City Pubs, ca.1850-2024 – Hardback


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Authors: Will Banks and Paul O’Brien.

A highly illustrated and detailed account of the pub trade in the over near 200 years.

During the Lockdown Will Banks and his father Eddie, 85, reminisced about visiting pubs, which at that time seemed such a long way away. “We took out a bit of paper and listed all the pubs we could remember in Limerick. We ticked off all the pubs we were in. When we did that, we realised between us we were in 95% of them.” Now, Will and Mary Immaculate College academic Dr Paul O’Brien are putting together the ultimate guide to Limerick pubs over the last two centuries. They have researched over 814 pubs and publicans who traded in the city since about 1850. Over 50% were owned by women. They even know the names of some publicans who were trading in the 1760s. Something which struck the pair was the stark realisation that at least 110 pubs in the city have closed since the early 1970s. These histories need to be captured and preserved.

Part of the research was based on collecting oral histories, including from Mike and James McMahon, proprietors of Mother Macs. These interviews yielded great insight into the trade and also many recollections of funny stories from over the counter. The launch will be on May 30th at Mother Macs.

For those who do purchase the book when it comes out, they will be helping a very good cause, with all the proceeds going to Down Syndrome Limerick.


Down Syndrome Limerick foreword:

We do interesting and creative events in order to raise funds for charity, some people run marathons, others shake buckets, the very brave abseil down the side of King John’s Castle or Thomond Park, some cycle 50km others cycle 600km, 2 incredible guys decided that writing a book about pubs might be a good idea and we are the beneficiaries of this historic venture. Which interestingly, fits nicely with the theme for World Down Syndrome Day this year ‘End The Stereotypes’, traditionally seeing a person with Down Syndrome supping a pint on a high stool in the local pub would not have been the norm, time and perspective has allowed us to challenge those stereotypes. People with Down Syndrome enjoy the craic and the banter of the pub scene in Ireland, they love a good party and many enjoy a nice pint or even a drop of brandy.

We, in Down Syndrome Limerick feel extreme gratitude to Paul O’ Brien and William Banks for their selfless generosity towards our members and are in awe of their skills and talent which complement each other so well in honouring nostalgia while creating this unique historic reflection of Limerick through the decades. These are the innovative projects that can make such a difference to our members and the services we provide in Down Syndrome Limerick.


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