061 334023 | info@downsyndromelimerick.ie
061 334023 | info@downsyndromelimerick.ie

Upcoming webinars

A number of online webinars and onsite seminars are scheduled by DSI for this school term for teachers, parents, SNAs and other professionals working with children and students with Down syndrome at primary and post primary school.
Attendees can choose to attend a webinar or seminar on their preferred date, regardless of their location. There is no charge for any of these events.
Registrations are currently quite low – please note that webinars will only go ahead if sufficient numbers register to attend.
The full list of webinars and registration links for each can be accessed here:
A third series of webinars and seminars will be available in April & May 2024. Information on these events will be available in March on our website, social media and in our digest.