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061 334023 | info@downsyndromelimerick.ie


World Down Syndrome Day is about standing up for ourselves and our rights. It is for Inclusion: this means that people with Down Syndrome should have the same access to the same opportunities and resources as everybody else.


On the 21st of March we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.  We wear odd socks for the celebration. We should talk more as part of the celebrations.


The theme for World Down Syndrome Day this year is Inclusion, i.e. improving resources to guarantee that all people with Down syndrome can connect with and take part in activities, equally with all other people.


The colours for Down Syndrome awareness are blue and yellow, the same colours as the Ukrainian Flag!


In Down Syndrome Syndrome Limerick we are celebrating World Down Syndrome Day by having a party in the Woodlands House Hotel in Adare!


written by: Nikki

Artist & Author

& student of Work Skills Programme in Down Syndrome Limerick

March 2022